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Certified Wood Flooring Inspections

NWFA Certified Hardwood Flooring Inspection Inspector Insurance Water Damage


  • 25-year member of the National Wood Flooring Association
  • NWFA 2007 "Wood Floor of the Year" Participant
  • NWFA-certified in wood flooring installation, sanding, and finishing
  • Degreed NWFA Wood Flooring Craftsman
  • NWFA Certified Professional Wood Flooring Inspector
  • NWFA Wood Flooring Training Instructor

Wood floor design, installation, refinishing and maintenance services.



  • Renovating old, antique, and historic wood floors 
  • Replicating wood floors that are no longer available 
  • Designing and installing new wood floors
  • Refinishing, patching, and maintaining wood floors
  • Design & custom mill wood floors and parquets
  • Hand-scraping plank flooring for an old-world boot-worn appearance 
  • Custom color wood floor staining to coordinate with any interior
  • Professional wood floor maintenance—recoating, reoiling, rewaxing

Wood Flooring Maintenance


With  proper care, your wood floors can last a lifetime—and then some. The  original wood floors are still looking beautiful in the White House, and  also in homes along the United States east coast, even in homes  and castles in Europe. At Hultman Flooring, we routinely refinish wood  floors that are 100 years old. We have participated in  projects renovating wood flooring installed prior to the American Civil  War.  These tips and tricks will help you to keep your hardwood flooring  investment looking beautiful!

Routine cleaning

  • Regular  sweeping, mopping, or vacuum cleaning is necessary to maintain your  wood floor’s finish and to extend the life of your wood flooring.

Rugs and mats

  • Wait  at least two weeks after your wood floor has been installed or  refinished before using throw rugs, area rugs, or mats.  Avoid using  rubber-backed or non-ventilating rugs on your wood floors.  Always use  these items with care and be sure to regularly inspect what is happening  under these to be sure they are not effecting the integrity of the  hardwood flooring or the finish.

Preventive care "Do's and Dont's"

  • Do use floor protectors (like felt guides) under your furniture to protect your wood floor's finish.
  • Do blot up liquid spills promptly and buff dry with a clean cloth.
  • Do  try to maintain your home's relative humidity between 35% and 55%. A  humidifier in winter and dehumidifier in summer will reduce the effects  of humidity on your wood flooring.
  • Do only use cleaners that are specifically formulated for your wood floor's finish.
  • Do sweep or vacuum dry spills, sand, or other abrasives before they are ground into or mar your wood floor's finish.
  • Do  contact Hultman Flooring whenever you have questions, and especially  when your wood floor shows signs of wear—but before it has worn down to  bare wood.
  • Don't use  pre-treated dust mops or other dust mop sprays or treatments. Only use  cleaners that are made specifically for your wood floor's finish.
  • Don't  use wax, silicone-based, pine-based, oil soap, solvents, or other  household cleaners that can damage your wood floor's finish.
  • Don't use power scrubbers or any cleaning appliances that use water under pressure.

Common household maintenance

  • Liquid spills: Blot with a damp cloth, then buff with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Grease  spots: To remove grease, tar or oil, wipe the stain with a soft cloth  dampened with a floor cleaner formulated for your wood floor's finish,  then buff with a clean, dry cloth.
  • Wax or chewing gum: Put  crushed ice in a plastic bag and apply to the wax or chewing gum until  it is brittle enough to crumble off of the wood floor surface.  Remove  remaining material using a soft cloth dampened with a cleaning solution  formulated for your wood floor's finish, then buff with a clean, dry  cloth.



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