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Our Story

Dean Hultman Owner Hultman Flooring, Inc.


Dean Hultman started our company in 1990 with a vision of offering  hardwood flooring craftsmanship and design to the NWI/Harbor Country.   We have been delivering honest, dependable, top quality work to our  clientele for 25 years.  

At Hultman Flooring we  use the basic fundamentals passed down through generations of European  craftsmanship to provide absolute top quality work!  We have earned the  opportunity to work with architects, designers and builders between  Chicago IL to Holland MI.  Using a life time of flooring experience, we  start with a client’s concept; we select the appropriate quality  flooring material as well as its texture, character of lumber, color and  finish achieving the exact look that compliments the esthetics for the  interior design of the home.  Using natural wood as our medium, we  create parquets’,  planking, hand scraped for a historic, boot worn  look, or use traditional on-site, machine sanded process to achieve the  best look that contributes to your one of a kind wood floor.   Through  professional care your floor will last a life time.  We get excited at  the opportunity to bring back an old existing wood floor by either  refurbishing or providing a maintenance coat of protective wood floor  finish.  We are successful in our craft because we love our work!


Wood Floors the original "GREEN" Flooring!

Reclaimed Birch structural beams,  Milled into plank flooring.  Installed, Sanded and Finished

 Hard  wood flooring is the original and ultimate "green" flooring! Wood  floors have one of the lowest carbon footprints of all of the flooring  that is manufactured and used on the planet.

Wood is a raw  material that literally grows on trees. Wood is a renewable resource  that requires a minimal amount of fossil fuels to manufacture and  transport.

The longevity of a wood floor is very green. Wood  floors are the only flooring that can be made new again by adding a new  wear-layer of finish, and wood flooring has a lifetime that is second  only to stone.